NU Honours 1st Year Result 2018 [Session 2016-2017]

Here’s the NU honours 1st year result 2018 of (NU) National University of Bangladesh (

 There are WAY so many students in internet, who are looking for only result.

 If you are one of them, Then this page is for you for sure. Result not published yet, National university result of hons 1st year will be published very soon.

 So take the easy note to get the result.

NU result 1st year. Exam of 1st year honours exam 2017 started on 9th october 2017.

 Ok now I will show you how to get your result of honours 1st year final 2016-2017. We hope it will not take much time to publish the result.

 The only official site of National University BD didn’t published any circular of any upcoming publish date when we will get this.

 So keep your eyes in this site we will update and let you know when result will publish. 


NU honours 1st year result 2018

2018 NU Honours 1st year result is easy to get.

 Have you ever wondered that “How to get the result from internet ?

 it’s hard huh..” The answer is no, it’s not hard to get. Just follow my guide, what i’m going to show you.

 And it will work for sure.

Exam was started on 9th October of 2017 and ended on 14th November 2017. in this year tons of students participated in exam NU of Bangladesh

 From here you can see honours 1st year result 2018.

 and also it is 100% accurate, just need to be filled up all empty boxes by your REG NO and Exam Year with a simple and easy security code to prove that you are not any kind of robot.

 It is officially published by National University of Bangladesh. Mind one thing exam was held on 2017, so when you will fill up the empty box of Exam Year write carefully 2017.

 this whole article about season 2016-2017 then submit the Search Result button.

 if everything is correct you will get your full information sheet, for printing click the printing icon.

nu honours 1st year result

Honours 1st year result 2017 (2018)

Now a days National University does not take much time to publish their results. Once it was that students were waited many month to get their information.

 but now it became so easy and fast due to use of technology.

 In our site we also publish every year’s result of honours including final year , so keep your eyes in here to get everything.

 Theres no any other way to get this then I will show the method just stay tuned.

 The authority of N.U they debited only will publish their own official site from where you can find.

 Ok on upcoming section I am going to show you how to get the result from their website step-by-step with images so don’t worry about it.

How to get Bangladesh National University honours 1st year exam result 2018 step-by-step online

Even though you are not sure how to checking.
Take a very easy practical look with screen shots below How to get NU honours 1st result.

* At the very first open your any web browser and write this address in the address-bar, then press enter.

nu honours 1st year result address bar

* Now see the picture below, same you will see on your screen. only you need to click at the plus button of honours.

 honours 1st year result

* Here's the years list, what year's result want to get. if it is 1st then simply press the 1st like image below. see

nu honours 1st year

* Pressed then ok. if you did every steps correctly then look a new section came to right side of your display. see the red box. To get the result, our work is fill up all boxes. don't worry i will show you every steps how to fill those.

nu honours 1st year result form

* See the upper side there has two selecting name. between them we have to select the Individual Result. because first we will use this method then we will
go for second. no need to worry i will also show you that.

nu honours 1st year result type

* Then see the first box written Roll/Reg.No. now click in that empty box.
and write your Registration no here. what is available on your exam admit card.

nu honours 1st year result reg/roll

 * It's time to put the exam year. if your session 2015-2016 then write into the empty filed 2016 below.

exam year example

* Now you need to write a simple Security to let the authority of National University that you are not any kind of robot.

 look at the red box, here you will get some code or word like puzzle, you need to write the same thing inside of the yellow box.

nu honours 1st year result security

* Your maximum job has been done. if all your information is correct then hid enter or click at the search result box / button.

nu honours 1st year result submit
* You done well i think. if everything is correctly filled up with right information then after pressing at the search result button will open a new pop up window, and you will get your result there. or any mistake happens the pop up will show this like the image below.

error message

How To Get Honours 1st Year Exam Result Step By Step (2nd Method)

If first method didn't work for you then you have to understand maybe your input is wrong or National University made mistake with your details.
Now it's time to apply the 2nd method.

* First you need enter NU site then after selecting 1st year honours select collegewise result
nu honours 1st year result collegewise

* Rest are very easy just read, what boxes want to write in the black field.
Every college has an unique code. i you know your college code it's ok, just put it in the box. if you don't know the code, collect it from the your own college or university. and put it here.

nu honours 1st year result college code

* Same thing needs to do for the subject code. if you know then it good, otherwise collect the code from the college/university. and filled it in there.

 nu honours 1st year result subject code

* At the end leave the year in here and press search result

put year and submit

I hope you got your result without any problem and trouble.

Now you realize that it's very easy to find the result from the online or internet.

Even though face any problem then feel free and leave comments. we will try as hard as we cad fix the problem and everything.

Feel Free To Check Out Honours 1st Year Result

We are used to type our password on our phone’s screen, Those are very sensitive and can be blocked after 4-5 wrong attemps.

 But checking results from the NU site is very different thing, if write thousands of time wrong information then also it’s ok.

 Students of Bangladesh are very deferent, as well as their mind too. Many of them are first time to check the results.

 The reason of writing those to let them know, do whatever and however you want to check your nu honours 1st year result or input your information into the boxes.

 Even authority won’t know who you are in this site

Getting Honours Exam 1st Year Result Online Is Better Then College/University

National University Honours 1st Year Result is very easy to collect form online because of it’s user friendly.

 To collect from the college or university its though, reason is they are always late and many rush while distributions.

 Maximum time our college is also not near of our house, it’s way far from the student’s location, thats why it’s become hard to collect it.

 Ok let’s talk about the online method, it’s easy, safe , as simple as pie, instant also no rush, do not need to wast hours of time on it .

 Go for online result and get it within few seconds.

How to get National University Honours 1st Year Exam Result 2017 By SMS Method


Why should not I use SMS method ?

 it is the easiest method so far you think ?

 Then ok take a look how to get honours 1st year result by SMS .

 Follow those steps, Go to SMS(Message) option in your phone and send SMS like below.
 NU<space>H1<space>Roll No Then send to 16222
 For an exampleNU H1 123456 >>16222

Then ok, wait and you get the result within a hour, maybe minutes.
If this makes any problem then use alternative system, which is given first.